Corsair SF Series SF600 600W Power Supply Review

I had a tough time assigning a rating value for the SF600. If I'm considering it solely in the SFX marketplace I consider it a good value especially when taking into account its performance. It's not the cheapest offering, but it provides a great feature set for the price. The price is well in line with other competitor offerings on the market, however with a superior build quality the Corsair stands tall.

There were a few caveats to this PSU that can definitely impact the value that are dependent on its intended use. If you are planning to mount the SF600 in a standard ATX case it's going to require a special retrofit bracket. The bracket can be ordered through Corsair, but it's going to cost you $5.99 plus shipping. In addition to the bracket, it's likely that due to the shorter cable lengths, you may need to purchase a standard length modular cable set. If you do have to take these things into consideration when purchasing the SF600, then it becomes very difficult to recommend from a value standpoint.

Corsair SF600 power supply

The SF series PSU's all offer a 7 year warranty. Taking into account the warranty with Corsair's great reputation for reliability and you have a rock solid high performance option for any enthusiast build. All in all as a standalone SFX option, you can't go wrong with the SF series from Corsair. I foresee the SF series dominating this portion of marketspace for months to come.

The SF600 has proved to be a fantastic option if not the best option for those seeking a dedicated SFX solution. If I were going to pick up a dedicated SFX PSU today, this would be it, hands down. It's a high performance PSU that delivers the same power and reliability as a standard form factor at a fraction of the size. It's on par with the competition's pricing in the SFX marketspace and I consider it a decent price for performance value if only held back by not including the retrofit adaptor and longer cables. It's truly difficult to find many faults with this offering by Corsair as it excelled in all categories.

Corsair has made a bold statement with the SF600. The SF series represents Corsair's innovation and drive into a new marketspace. By supporting aggressive and unique builds like the BULLDOG, Corsair positions itself be a dominant force in what can be seen as bridging the gap between pc and console gamers. Corsair has always been known for its high quality components and peripherals. The SF600 lives up to those expectations and is a perfect example of what a great Corsair product truly is. The SF600 is one of the best PSU's we've seen this year and it makes us excited to see what the future holds.

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Corsair SF600 power supply

Corsair SF600 600W Power Supply

SFX Form Factor, Fully Modular

80 PLUS GOLD Certified

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