Corsair SF Series SF600 600W Power Supply Review

If there is one thing to say about the performance of the SF600, it's that it delivers. Eventhough I do not currently have a system built specifically for the SFX form factor, that didn't stop me from swapping out my main system's PSU to the SF600. My everyday rig consists of an intel i7-4790k, 16gb of DDR3, and a GTX 980 with a couple of Samsung Evo SSD's. The SF600 delivered plenty of power for my use and I never experienced any system instability.

Corsair SF600 power supply

I was able to comfortably game without any detriment to stability or performance. My components stayed within the norm for temperature readings. In the end, the only noticeable factor that I had even swapped the PSU's was the fan on the SF series. In order to create a higher amount of load, I stressed my system with Prime95 and Furmark. The fan when active was audible in comparison to some of the typical ATX fan options, but nothing beyond what I expected from a unit this small. As soon as I dropped the system load and allowed the power consumption to level out, the fan quickly slowed until inevitably shutting off. The SF600 operates like this without any issues and remained truly quiet while in the passive cooling mode.

Corsair SF600 power supply

Corsair SF600 power supply

Corsair SF600 600W Power Supply

SFX Form Factor, Fully Modular

80 PLUS GOLD Certified

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