Corsair SF Series SF600 600W Power Supply Review

Corsair SF600 power supply

Corsair, a company that began by pioneering the High Performance DRAM market has now grown to be considered one of the world's leading providers of enthusiast grade components and peripherals. Corsair has cemented itself as a leader in the power supply industry by combining high performance components with superb build quality. The culmination of experience and innovation come together to deliver a great package for gamers and enthusiasts looking to build their own dream rig.

It's only fitting that we take the opportunity to look at Corsair's newest offering to hit the market, the SF series. The new SF series aims to provide maximum performance with the highest reliability in an SFX form factor. Despite being a niche market, Corsair chose not to cut corners here by providing the SF series with a full feature set similar to most ATX form factor PSU's. The new SF series is currently only available in two options the SF450 and the SF600 which are 450w and 600w respectively. Both models boast 100% 105C all Japanese capacitors along with an 80 PLUS Gold Certification. High quality components with stringent build quality enables Corsair to deliver the highest quality experience with rock solid reliability.

Corsair SF600 power supply

Corsair SF600 600W Power Supply

SFX Form Factor, Fully Modular

80 PLUS GOLD Certified

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