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Kendra | $16,000 High-End Workstation PC Build

Kendra - $16,000 High-End Workstation PC Build

Part List

CPU2 x Intel Xeon E5-2699V4 2.2GHZ 22 Core$2,135.00Buy
CPU Cooler2 x Cooler Master Hyper D92$39.49Buy
MotherboardASUS Z10PE-D16 WS LGA2011-v3$469.99Buy
VideoPNY QUADRO M6000 24GB$4,512.00Buy
RAM128GB Samsung M386A4G40DM0-CPB$274.51Buy
Storage 11.2TB Intel SSD 750 Series PCIe AIC$899.99Buy
Storage 22 x 10TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro SATA$401.99Buy
CasePhanteks Enthoo Primo$284.87Buy
PSUEVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 80+ PLATINUM$202.93Buy

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Watch out for this snake's deadly strike! The Kendra is the king of all snakes, no prey is too large for this serpent to take down. The Kendra build is the ultimate workstation and goes beyond even what a normal workstation needs.

The Kendra can function as a server for even some of the most demanding applications. It is the most aggressive build we have and it demands respect from all those below it. With the processing power of the Intel Xeon, multitasking can hardly make this rig break a sweat. Whatever you needs are the Kendra is ready to strike and kill its prey.

Why you want Kendra PC Build?

- Unparalleled CAD/Maya performance, nothing will stand in your way
- Extreme multitasking abilities
- This can function as a home office server capable of running very intensive applications

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