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eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

What power supply do I need? Do I have enough wattage and amperage to cover future expansion of my PC build? How to estimate power consumption for overclocked video card?

power supply calculator

To answer these questions we developed PSU Calculator that determines the overall computer power supply wattage as well as amperage required for +12V, +5V and +3.3V rails for your desktop computer, server, or any pc computer system that uses ATX power supply.

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator is the most accurate online PC power consumption calculator available. Its new and improved features will satisfy even the most demanding computer enthusiasts:

- Graphics card overclocking
- CPU overcklocking
- Amperage data
- Multiple video cards
- and best of all, it's FREE!

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator's database contains PC parts power consumption data that covers thousands of processors and hundreds of video cards (including latest CPUs and graphics cards from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA), as well as DDR4 RAM, Bitcoin Mining Modules and more!

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